Websites & Organizations

On Race / DEI:
Anti-Racism Resources
Toolkit from Showing Up for Racial Justice 
Robin DiAngelo - Critical Racial and Social Justice Education
Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit
75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice
Your Privilege Is Showing: The Unique Framework That Develops The Skills Needed TO Have Chellengin Conversations Around Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity. 
Music, Music Therapy, and Therapy Specific:
Known Affinity Groups Within AMTA
Songs With A Questionable Past 
Black Music Therapy Network 
Anti-Racism Resources for Social Workers and Therapists
National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network 
Self-Care Institute
"White Therapists Here’s What Your Black Colleagues Want You to Know"
A List of Music Therapy Facebook Groups
Music Therapy Exchange
LGBTQIA+ / Gender:
A Guide To Gender Pronouns
Human Rights Campaign

The National LGBT Health Education Center
GALE: The Global Alliance For LGBT Education
GLSEN: Creating a Better World for LGBTQ Students
Organizations / Movements:
Black Lives Matter
Project READY: Reimagining Equity and Access for Diverse Youth
Showing Up For Social Justice
National Diversity Council 
Equal Justice Initiative
American Civil Liberties Union

Center for Cultural Responsiveness
Women's Diversity Network​
Society For Diversity
Southern Poverty Law Center
World Federation of Music Therapy